In 1925, Meher Baba said, “I have come not to teach, but to awaken.”

As the Avatar, his role is to precipitate a universal awakening of consciousness of the spirit, so that all in creation are helped in their efforts to uncover their true and original nature as God. In spite of this, Meher Baba has given profound teachings that address cosmology and the spiritual path.


In “God Speaks,” Meher Baba provides a comprehensive description of the purpose of creation as a means by which God, through the vehicle of individual souls, is able to transition from a state of infinite unconsciousness of self to the soul’s ultimate realization of themselves as infinite consciousness. Baba describes a three-phase process by which this happens.

The first phase includes the evolution of consciousness through various forms in ascending levels of consciousness, from stone to vegetable, to insects and reptiles, to birds and fish, to animals, and eventually into the human form.

Phase two is the process of reincarnation within the human form where opportunities to experience the full range of polarities is given to eventually allow the soul to disentangle from various false identifications including rich and poor, eastern and western, male and female, and so on.

The third phase occurs when the soul is sufficiently mature to begin dissociating from their identity as a limited being and enters into the inner planes of consciousness—a process Meher Baba terms “involution.” This eventually allows the return of the soul to His original state—but this time conscious—of Self- or God-Realization.

The Path

Meher Baba has provided clear and practical guidance for those individuals who are serious about their spiritual endeavor. Much of this guidance is captured in “Discourses”, which cover a wide range of topics including: karma, sanskaras, the role of the master, meditation, qualifications of an aspirant, sex and married life, and many other topics that are vital to the seeker. While Baba makes it clear that one can progress on one’s own up to a certain degree, the help of a genuinely realized master, who has already transited the entire spiritual path, is of inestimable value in achieving the heights of spiritual attainment.

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