You are invited to view an online program to explore the most fundamental questions facing us as individuals and as a society—what is the nature of consciousness, where are we as a society in progressing our collective consciousness, and how can we advance our own personal consciousness.

Drawing on the teachings of Meher Baba, a widely recognized spiritual authority, this course will address questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of creation as a means for progressing consciousness?

  • What is the uniqueness of this time in human history and what is in store for humanity in the coming era?

  • How can we as individuals participate in our own spiritual development, and how can we help shift humanity’s overall level of consciousness?

Specific topics include:

  • Session One: Evolution of Consciousness

  • Session Two: Involution of Consciousness

  • Session Three: How Consciousness Progresses

  • Session Four: Role of the Master

  • Session Five: Avatar Meher Baba's Life and Work

  • Session Six: The New Humanity

  • Session Seven: The Path of Love

Each session addresses a different topic, all directly related to the understanding of consciousness and how it applies to one's personal spiritual development.

This program is offered at no cost to participants.

You can see more about each of these sessions and access the recordings by pressing the "Program Details" button below (including how to access supplementary readings and videos at no cost)

What is the basis of this program?

Countless individuals through the ages have pursued ways to expand consciousness—some religious, some chemical or plant-based, and some direct spiritual approaches. The urge to expand consciousness seems to emanate from a sense that there is a higher reality and experience that could be available if one only knew how to go about pursuing it. Those who have sought out this experience consistently report that its essential nature is love.

Meher Baba is one who has provided an authoritative answer to this age-old question—both through his writings and teachings, but even more-so through providing a direct inner connection with the source of this experience.

Through in-depth and unequivocal declarations, Meher Baba says that his is the latest incarnation of the Avatar—the direct incarnation of God in human form—and that prior Avataric advents include Zoroaster, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed. He states that his role is to bring about a universal awakening and the opportunity for any sincere individual to find him within their own being. Meher Baba said that the Avatar’s advent would usher in a new era that he called "the New Humanity", in which consciousness would be uplifted spiritually throughout civilization.

The Journey in Consciousness program will introduce the teachings and life-work of Avatar Meher Baba as yet another way to help individuals expand their consciousness and vitalize their spiritual life.

This program is being offered free of charge; however if inclined, please consider making a donation to help provide free healthcare for villagers in rural India.

About the image of "Laudatio"

Laudatio was painted by Marika Popovits, a visionary artist who resides in Crestone, Colorado ( where she creates paintings that represent the transcendent nature of consciousness. Laudatio (meaning "praise") was chosen for this program as it captures the unfolding and varied journey of the soul through different experiences, reaching always toward the Light.

The program is presented by Daniel Stone, a long-time follower of Meher Baba.